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Simple Website

A web page or electronic page is an electronic document or information capable of containing text, sound, video, programs, links, images, hyperlinks and many other things. 

Simple Website

Tarsiodevs designs presentation pages for your services or products only. It's a page that serves a specific purpose without selling online.


Ecommerce Web Design & Development

An E-Commerce site is a website (or a web platform) that allows you to make online sales.

Ecommerce Web Design & Development

Tarsiodevs designs and develops dynamic sites that will allow you to boost your sales.


A portfolio is a physical file or a digital space (website, blog, social media, etc.) containing examples of your achievements. It aims to demonstrate your skills in relation to your professional objective.


Tarsiodevs takes care of making a website that demonstrates your projects. This will increase your chances of finding a job or just showcasing your accomplishments.


The Blog allows you to communicate directly with your targets. Its purpose is to bring additional sources of traffic and increase your visibility on the internet.


Tarsiodevs helps you publish your passions your way.

Responsive Website

Responsive Web Designer or “Responsive Web Design” in English, is a term that refers to the ability of a site where a web designer adapts to each device (smarphone, tablet, laptop or writing desk computer).

Responsive Website

Tarsiodevs designs 100% responsive web pages that adapt to any device and use various elements in its construction such as CSS3, HTML 5.

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